JL-01 Gamepad for Cell Phones

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  •  Product Model: JL-01
  •  Product Material: ABS
  •  Weight: 68g
  •  Dimension: 158 x 110 x 38mm
  •  Level Of Stretch: 40mm
  •  3-Angle Adjustable Stand, Wide Openings, Ergonomic Handle, Detachable Swing Arm
  • Three in one unit covering functions of phone game lever, cell phone holder and hand phone joystick.


  • Portable design, lightweight and Pocket size design makes it easy to carry.
  • Stretch freely, telescopic holder with two locks for mobile phone up to 4.7-6.4 inches.
  • The surface of the grip has a sponge mat, which can protect the back of the smartphone and prevent the fall of the phone.
  • Using ergonomic design gives you best touch screen gaming feel. Excellent accuracy, comfortable use sense, performance like game controller make you enjoy the touch panel game.
  • Also, it’s an adjustable smartphone case and also a smartphone stand holder. You can use it to watch videos with hands-free.
  • Three in one unit covering the function of phone game lever, cellphone holder and handphone joystick.
  • With 1 pair controller buttons, work with mobile shooters that allow users to customize their interfaces.
  • The stick-on joystick gives players a real physical manipulation for increased precision with touch screen based games, increase your game score 30% guaranteed.


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